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Just found out about this community! [Dec. 4th, 2011|03:01 am]
Supernatural Friending Community


[mood |geeky]

Getting right to the point here, since well we all know I love Supernatural. I really do, but not that much lately, as you might understand.
I've always been more of a Dean-girl than Sam-girl, and after season 4 a definite Cas-girl. (So this season sucks for me!)
I'm 19. I work and try to study at the same time which is just not happening. I got an x-box and my favorite game is probably Dragon Age.
I post a lot about tv shows and movies, it uh, pretty much covers most of my interests.
I start every post with a gif, but since this is a comm I thought not to.
Other shows I love deeply: Dexter (even though I stopped watching during season six, because I was soooo scared they might finally pull the book three crap on us, with all the religious stuff. That, and it hasn't been interesting for me), American Horror Story, New Girl, Community, The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Six Feet Under, The Walking Dead, White Collar, Chuck and just about ANYTHING that stars Jensen Ackles. Seriously. I bought Tron the game because he did a voice!

I'm probably forgetting some things! It's getting kinda late over here in Holland, I should go to bed.